Aeternum Holding

Building lasting brands in the
jewelry category with a long-term perspective


The name “Aeternum” (latin: forever, eternally) expresses the orientation of our group to build lasting brands in the jewelry category with a long-term perspective.

We understand the challenges small to medium sized companies face in a fast-changing market environment. These include the shift to digital in all business areas, pressured brick-and-mortar retailers, omni-channel consumer orientation and changing consumer behavior (e.g. Millenials), effective use of social media and influencer marketing for brand building, access to international markets, optimization of business processes internally and with business partners (sourcing & go-to-market), while operating with scarce resources and limited experience in some of these areas.

Aeternum has been established with the vision to work with entrepreneurs and CEOs to prepare their businesses to realize the opportunities behind those challenges and help them stand out with exceptional success.


Aeternum consists of a forum of entrepreneurs and CEOs of the platform companies it is invested in and the holding’s own resources. Each CEO guides his/her individual company with entrepreneurial and creative spirit. All contribute to the success of fellow CEOs in the group by sharing best practices and business experience. In addition, each company benefits of shared resources made available by Aeternum and the platform companies to develop core strategic topics, critical to the success of the individual company and the group. Together we enhance the value of each company and grow the business.

Our Principles

  • Entrepreneurial capital – investment/build orientation vs. cash-out focus
  • True long-term perspective – not exit driven
  • Sustainability orientation
  • Values are key to investor and Group management
  • Quick investment decisions possible – one investor, in-house experts and experienced in-house M&A team
  • Flexible investment schedules, re-investment of cash flows
  • Streamlined governance
  • Private, confidential investments possible – no public disclosure requirements

Our Set-up

  • One Group CEO with one investor as decision makers
  • Industry experts and accomplished CEOs with management experience & experienced operational executives, in contrast to Private Equity-generalist / theorist set-up
  • Digital expertise and access to retail networks in international markets
  • Coequal partner at eye level with Group CEO & COO
  • Colleague CEOs of other group companies understanding relevant market segments and company organisations as sparring partners with same vested interest, sharing experiences and best practices

>25 Years
Industry Experience
>10 Years
Invested in Jewelry Category
5-30 m€
Investment Focus


Our exclusive industry focus is on Jewelry & Accessories where our management and family investor have extensive know-how.

We are looking for companies headquartered in Europe with revenues of 5-30 m€, positive EBITDA, growth potential and entrepreneurs, brand owners and CEOs who are eager to develop their company to the next level and seek some form of support; who have reached limits of significant growth within their own boundaries; who have a family succession challenge or want to realize part of their hard work, de-risk and/or change their work/life balance.










We invite you for discussion of potential avenues for your company’s future. In partnership with us, you can de-risk, obtain part of your company's value today, while still participating in the future value creation of your company and, very importantly, keep on steering its future.


Investor with shared values and aligned entrepreneurial interest.


Coequal expert partners with deep industry insights (Group CEO as strategic sparring partner, COO as operational partner, Colleague CEOs of other group companies).


Industry network (branding, sourcing, merchandising, operations, go-to-market, digital, social).

External Experts

External experts for key growth opportunities shared by group companies.

Risk Reduction

Cost savings & risk reduction: Shared resources, shared learnings.


Re-investments for growth vs. short-term bottom-line orientation.


Aeternum is currently invested in 6 jewelry brands.


If you want to learn more about us, please contact us by phone or email. As a private family fund we adhere to the highest privacy and confidentiality standards.

  • Rentzelstraße 10A, 20146 Hamburg, Germany
  • +49 40 22861900
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